We offer a wide range of services around social listening, from operational support to complete strategies,
in English, French, German and Spanish.

  Search Queries:
collecting and filtering the data with a minimum of noise, we make the most of the Boolean operators made available by your provider. With over a decade of experience, our semantic solutions can work miracles, even for extracting demographics or geographical elements, spam detection, fine-grained sentiment classification, topical categorization, …

regex: As a second noise-cancelling filter, we can use regular expressions, a pattern matching language used for search engines or text processors and allowing a much more accurate relevancy of contents.

we define together which sentiment prism to apply (customer journey, purchase intent, …), and perform a targeted sentiment classification. We offer manual classification, and/or machine learning automation tailored to your needs, with self-explanatory algorithms (rule learners, NLP algorithms) or black-box models (neural networks, SVM)

  Manual Mark-up:
tagging, categorizing, segmenting, … there are many ways to sort through the content concerning your brands. We propose manual mark-up on a regular basis, as well as an automation of such process.

  Newsletters / automated reporting:
this is one of the main thing missing from current solutions, and for a good reason: there is no one-size-fits-all type of report. We remedy to this by analyzing which report modules are vital for each team member, program the templates accordingly and deploy the solution that will automatically import the data, compile the report and send it on a regular basis.

  Ad-hoc reporting:
campaign preparation, campaign impact, “magic mirror” studies, product launch, regular checks, competition landscape, … we don’t pre-package the reports but rather align your real business purpose and discovered insights to the deliverables.

  Strategic consulting:
RFPs, Proof of Concepts, individual/group coaching, social listening strategy, actionable listening roadmaps, … we have plenty of experience implementing full-scale social listening strategies within small to large organizations, across all industries.

 We use cutting-edge data science tools and methods, that will go beyond the performance of the usual processes.

 Technologies: we perform the tasks in your listening tool (Brandwatch, Synthesio, Talkwalker, Radian6, …), develop data products in R and Shiny, and use any standard format you are comfortable with.

 Our unique blend of data science and social listening know-how will bring more automation and analytics capabilities to your organization.

 Our philosophy is to constantly improve the process: starting manually, prototyping automation methods, and incrementally deploying the most accurate algorithms.

 Knowledge transfer: more than providing identical services month after month, our main focus in on empowering your teams with new knowledge and processes, so that we increase productivity and move forward to more advanced levels of understanding of the social data.


All our actions are guided by your concrete exploitation of the social data, with a simple principle:
“to each mention an insight, and to each insight an action”


Want to know more? Call us and we will establish together what the best approach is, from quick wins to longer term strategies in order to improve your productivity. We provide you with a detailed quote and we always deliver on-time, on-budget, and above expectations.